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New Horizon Mayor, and other announcements.

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Re: New Horizon Mayor, and other announcements.

Post by chipset3363 on Wed May 23, 2012 2:07 am

After looking at the current posts on this thread I can see that the comments I made have caused many people to be disgusted and to loss all their respect that they had for me, now knowing at this point that I have hurt some people and also knowing that I cannot any time soon regain that respect they did have for me I apologise for the rude and aggressive language I have used. I hope that this post try’s and restarts any build in respect anyone had for me but if it doesn’t I understand fully.

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Re: New Horizon Mayor, and other announcements.

Post by TheFrazzledKid on Fri May 25, 2012 6:22 pm

Results added.


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Re: New Horizon Mayor, and other announcements.

Post by nighttiger1000 on Fri May 25, 2012 6:30 pm

TheFrazzledKid wrote:

I'd like to personally introduce the new mayor of Horizon.

Anything and Everything to do with Horizon are now under his control.
However, upon a very long, complex and detailed discussion with key Server members, I have a second announcement to make.

Sometime in the close future, Horizon will no longer be the location of the spawn point.
I feel it would be unfair if Horizon had an advantage that other town's could not ever get.
That advantage would be the ability to use both /home and /spawn to get home quicker.
This advantage would come in handy when we get around to limiting the use of these commands.
In the discussion with Server Staff, Sealand brought up an idea that he stated was originally suggested a while ago. The "Spawn" will moved to an area far, far away from towns, titled "The Proving Grounds".

It is here that all new players will live until they are either accepted/invited into a town, or some-how manage to find their way to civilization.
No regular members of the server will be allowed to build here, as it is for new players only.

The Proving Grounds will also give new players something to work towards, something to strive for. I have a feeling that each town will also start to compete to grab the better looking new-comers (But we did not want this to be a competition).

I hope that Peace, nor any other members of Horizon, will not be too greatly saddened by the sudden decision to move Spawn.
If such mad depression and rejection do show up about "The Proving Grounds" idea, myself and others would be more then happy to listen to criticism.

I just want to thank everyone that has voted and I want to thank Frazz for opening the election.
Frazz, Moving spawn in my opinion is a great idea, It will allow more survival and adventure to come to Horizon. I have spoken with a few citizens of Horizon about this, and they think it's actually a great idea to move spawn.
Anyways, I am honored to be the new mayor \(^.^)/ and I hope others are as well. Once again, thank you all.

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Re: New Horizon Mayor, and other announcements.

Post by Sponsored content

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