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Mac + TF2 + Workshop = Not yet.

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Mac + TF2 + Workshop = Not yet.

Post by Oddwarf on Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:42 pm

So I'm a wee bit interested in 3D-modelling, and I made this.
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I'm a noob, so I know it isn't very pretty, but I require some assistance.
To make this sword "usable", I have to use the Source SDK and fix it onto for instance the Demoman's hand. The issue is that the Source SDK isn't compitable with Mac, so I can't do much more than I have already done..

Do any of you want to help? I can export the model's (or models' - I might want to make more stuff than only one item) file so that a useful volunteer would put it into the Demo's hand, or give me feedback if the handle is too fat, too large, too small or too thin, and the volunteer would hand me back the file I require for testing it in the TF2 workshop after the model is 90% done.

Who would like to help me? :)

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