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The Lands Beyond the North

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The Lands Beyond the North

Post by acnet on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:41 pm

Part 1, the introduction

(Was bored and decided to extend my characters back story a bit, since i said he just came from "lands far north" but never really said much else of them, enjoy)

I come from lands far North. These lands have never known the Dawn, only Dusk.
The monsters that roam our wilds are more vicious, more organized. For generations my people wandered the wilds, slaughtered day by day, struggling to survive. To this day we don't know how they got there, or by what miracle we were blessed, but as our legends tell us, our forefathers found three great cities. Abandoned, by what we do not know. Over time our people migrated into these emptied cities, and made our homes there. These cities were safe from harm, built to withstand the monsters that dwell outside. After many centuries we found ourselves thriving and developing within our walls, ignorant of the outside world and it's problems. Each city had its own blessing.

The City hidden in the Trees.

The first city discovered was Spring, the village hidden high in the trees of the frozen jungles. It was here that our people discovered the ancient teachings of the green men. Druids as you all have come to call them. The people who settled in this city learned to become one with nature. Healing, and creating life.

The City in the Tides.

Our second city, Aquious, was built deep under the ocean. It was here that our people discovered the ancient teachings of tides. The priests and priestess that came from this city were masters of the ocean and tides. Using their abilities they melted the frozen seas and created a warm oasis amongst the frozen wastes.

The City lost in Time.

My homeland. It was here I was born. This was the final city our people had discovered. Hidden behind a mysterious gateway, this town was the only one with any inhabitants left. They were frostborn. Pale white beings, who did not speak, but instead, showed us the final secret left to learn from these hidden lands. The mastery of time. We learned quickly that while inside our city time moved differently. A day outside the walls was a week in the city. With this we learned our greatest gift. With time, we could learn more, build more, and achieve more. We never realized there would be consequences.

A Thousand Years of Peace.

We lived peacefully. The legions of undead were unable to reach our cities. Within my city passed a thousand years without conflict. We learned how to master new magics. Expand from what the civilization before us had left. Fire Mages, Time Keepers, Priests, Druids, and finally my people, the Time Keepers. We learned to heal in a different way. As opposed to the druids, who used natural magic, we learned to heal with time. Creating medicine from herbs, a minerals, we learned to heal all illness's, because we had the time. Until it was all gone.

The Invasion.

We lived in peace too long. Master healers, with no enemies, we had no armies or ways of combat. It was a strange day when we found out. It had been a year since we heard from the other cities. Only 12 days in their time, we sent envoys out. They returned with the worst of news. Spring was abandoned, not a single person left...but Aquious...The bodies littered the streets. The envoys came back with as many injured as they found, but none were conscious. If we had known what had happened to them maybe things would've been different.

We're not sure how it happened, but a zombie outbreak occurred in the cities. Quickly the wounded that were brought in died, and ever sooner they came back. They spread through the cities, infecting and spreading the illness. We quarantined off as much as we could. We needed time. I was the head of research, and tasked with finding a solution. I was determined to find a cure...but my partner...he had other plans. In secret he unlocked the hidden magics that were banished by our ancestors. With Black Magic he began killing the infected.

With much opposition, I was deposed of my rank, and confined to my home. It was then I learned what my wife had done. She purposely got herself infected...just to give me a test subject. She was so sure I would find the cure...and I had been close. Once she turned I had begun working tirelessly until they found her... My former partner caught wind that one zombie remained. Once I was discovered, she was killed, and I was banished. I began my journal to the south. It had only been 3 days in the outside world.

To be Continued.


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