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[Finished]Change on the Wings of a Dragon

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[Finished]Change on the Wings of a Dragon

Post by Sealand on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:02 am

This thread will house a mini-story I have been writing dealing with two of my characters.

The Dawnlanders probably won't be seeing them much anymore, and I figured I should show people what's happening with them.

For those concerned about Secrets of the Dead, do not worry. Honestly, it's been done for at least a month by now. I'm just waiting for the right timing to post the end to the story. So yeah.

One of the characters is Tashi, and deals with her after she was taken to Starfire. For those who weren't there and don't know what's up, I'll give you a little description, and perhaps it'll shed some stuff who were there too.

As it turns out, Tashi was a Changeling. Changelings are born from hags and their magicked or tricked lovers. Tashi's mother, Nodrasa, had taken it over as it were, and controlled her daughter to lure in her friends. She lured a group of people, consisting of Faelar, Kai, Chris, and Animus, under false pretenses of saving her mother. When the group met Nodrasa. Upon disagreeing to help her nefarious, and insane, plot to overthrow the Highlands the group was wrapped into her magics and fell unconcious. After a few futile attempts to break out, even with their weapons, a cat appeared through the bars. Tashi's familiar, who had also been under Nodrasa's control, had broken free of the hag's enchantment and helped the group out of their imprisonment. In turn, the familiar's body was destroyed. The group went on and faced Nodrasa, finding her over Tashi. A small crystal seemed to be electrocuting her, and changing her. After the group defeated Nodrasa, with Faelar summoning some weird energy that pounded her into paste, they destroyed the crystal that was changing Tashi. However, it was not fast enough. Tashi was now a half-hag abomination. In hopes that Starfire could have a cure, Faelar left with Tashi. The rest of the group left, hoping that their friend would be okay.

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Part 1

Post by Sealand on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:05 am

Tashi stared up at the dull green ceiling of her medical room with a bored look on her face, her mind a swarm with thoughts, but none of them very happy ones. She’d woken up a day or two ago from unconsciousness, and found her a horrible monster, some twisted half hag. She raised her hands in front of her, drawing her eyes down the many grooves and knots down her sickly green skinned hands.

A doctor rushed in quickly the day she’d truly awakened and saw herself. He ‘calmed’ her, telling her what Faelar had told him. Her mother had taken control of her magically, the thought was absurd, she didn’t have a mother. She was orphaned as soon as she was birthed, her caretakers told her that her parents were travelers and didn’t think they’d be good parents.

But it would explain the months that seemed to be gone from Tashi’s head. Her last memory was leaving New Cerberus with a feeling of something… something powerful drawing her closer. She couldn’t put her finger on it at the time, the sense of alluring far too strong for her. There were other images too, a woman in a scandalously black silk dress, her familiar staring at her with creepy yellow eyes, a wall of shrubbery blocking an entrance into a cavern, but nothing she could piece together.

Now what the doctor told her made sense, even though she didn’t remember or understand most of it. Her mother was a green hag, and had controlled her in order to lead her friends into a trap, where they were forced into sleep until they ‘behaved’ and did as she ordered. Her mother wanted them to join her ‘army’ and said she would destroy the Highlands, but never stated her motives. Tashi felt ashamed, like she let her friends down or something.

A knock on the door made her jump. She winced and dropped her hands she had been staring at for, what, minutes? A young man stood at the door, and gave her a wide smile. He wore a dark green doublet over his bronze skin, his hands behind his back. Tashi eyes him suspiciously, doubt blatantly filling her features. She was a monster, who would be smiling at her?

“Who-“ Tashi croaked in a craggy voice, and blanched. She raised her arm and began coughing and hacking into her elbow. She winced as her body shook with every cough and jostled the tubes attached to her in several places, each tube pumping crimson blood into her and washing out her own, impure blood. The doctors claimed that in a few weeks, she’d be back to normal, but with some oddities. They never did explain what.

“No need to speak. Your doctors told me your voice would take a couple more days to return to it’s normal tone.” The man said, walking into the room, careful of the tubes and other equipment. He looked at them thoughtfully as if in amusement at the contraption as he walked over it. He looked back at Tashi with a bright, white smile. She felt oddly sickened.

“My name is Aes Aujir, from the Emerald Order.” The man, Aes, said as he gave a little bow. He straightened back up, and pulled out a book from behind his back. It looked old, but well kept. The title read out ‘Humanoids and their Differences between Worlds’, with a picture of a human on the front with all sorts of oddities representing a multitude of races.

“I heard about your…” he coughed awkwardly,”predicament, and wished to see if I could help maybe. I’m not exactly a doctor, so I went to the library and,” he paused. “Well, I figured you’d like to know exactly… what you are. It must be confusing to think you’re one race when it turns out that it’s been a lie the whole time.”

Despite the compassion in his eyes, Tashi’s immediate thought was that he was messing with her. Cautiously, she took the worn leather book and brushed her fingers on top of it. Aes stood awkwardly at her side, watching her before he realized he was staring.

“Ahm,” he coughed and pointed to the book. “The, uh, purple bookmarker is where you’ll find Changelings, which is what you are. Odd cre- erm, beings. Not necessarily born from hags like… like you were, although it’s the most common way. Some are born from magic, but…” He trails off as she looks up a him, a hard look in her eye.

Aes holds her gaze for a moment, shuffling on his feet, before he turns to look away. “Right. Well, I hope you enjoy the book.” He says quietly, before exiting.

Tashi waited until she couldn’t hear the man’s footsteps anymore before looking down to the book in her gruesome hands. She scowled and opened the book to where the emerald green book marker sat. Upon the page was a monstrous version of a human, claws ripping out of it’s hands, a tail swishing back and forth, and a savage grin with sharp jagged teeth. The word Changelings was written in italics over the picture.

Tashi’s frown deepened.

Author's Note: And so here it begins. This part is actually shorter than Gwen's biography, actually... Well then.

Hope you guys like it. Second part will be up Friday.

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Part 2

Post by Sealand on Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:49 am

Aes hadn’t returned to Tashi within the past two days, although he chatted with the doctor looking after her, who was a good friend of his. He had planned on giving her some space, but his friend gave him some not so pleasant news. The Changeling woman has been staring at the book, crying, which is not exactly the intended result Aes had hoped for.

‘So much for helping out, eh, Aes?’ He thought grimly as he walked down the halls of Starfire’s hospital and stopped in front of Tashi’s room. True to what his friend said, the sound of sobbing came from inside. Aes sighed and knocked on the open door before fully entering.

Tashi jumped as the man who gave her the accursed book walked into the room. She looked down at the page open before her with the image of some kind of demon under the title of ‘Changelings’. She never even had the strength to flip the page and actually learn about her new life as a monstrosity, but now she slammed the book closed and set it aside.

She didn’t know why she cared, but she must look like a wreck. Tashi rubbed her eyes and looked up at Aes to find him already next to her, grabbing the book and flipping through the pages. He glanced at her for a moment before his eyes returned to the book, she looked down in embarrassment.

“Didn’t even read the first page, did you?” Aes muttered, noticing she averted his eyes, and sighed. He landed on the Changeling title page and scowled, he understood WHY that creature stood on there, but he always thought it a little foolish to play on the ignorant perception of Changelings. He licked his finger and flipped the page before looking over to Tashi again.

“Your skin is returning back to normal.” Aes commented. Tashi looked down at her hands, realizing that they were once again her normal ones, her old calluses back and her skin now only having a faint green tinged. How didn’t she notice this before? She looked up at Aes, who smirked, realizing she hadn’t noticed and looked back to the page.

“I’ll read it to you, then.” Aes said, returning to the conversation on the book. “If you don’t mind that is, I’m rather curious as well.” He paused, waiting for an objection for a moment before clearing his throat.

“The changeling is one of the most mysterious races studied. Each world has a different way of telling the race’s birth, but one thing is certain: They are a race of magic, born either from it or from wicked users of dark arts. An example of such a parentage would be that of a hag, whom is the most often creator of changelings. Most of this race’s population is women, as most males are terminated by their hag mothers who have a severe hatred for males.

Changeling’s generally take on the characteristics of their father’s race, although they are generally tall, slender, pale, and dark haired. Their most notable characteristic, however is their mismatched eyes. All changeling’s are unnaturally attractive,” Aes paused and glanced at Tashi for a moment as if just noticing her beauty through her diminishing hag-like features. Tashi seemed too preoccupied studying her hands to notice, he coughed awkwardly and continued.

“A changeling is usually dropped off after birth to be taken in by complete strangers and cared for,” Tashi shifted in the bed she sat in uncomfortably. “At puberty, they receive a sort of feeling, or a ‘calling’ from their original parents. Many, confused, follow it and meet their parent, whom try to change them into hags like themselves. Those who ignore this summons throughout their puberty, or otherwise survive the meeting with their parent become known as ‘broken’”

“Puber-“ Tashi coughed, clearing her throat. It was back to what Aes assumed was normal, but it was obvious she hadn’t talked in a while, he noted. ‘A shame, she has a pretty voice,’ Aes thought, before pushing back the odd thought as he looked at Tashi with a raised eyebrow.

“Sorry…” Tashi coughed again. “I’m a bit, well, I got this calling far after puberty.” She muttered, suddenly embarrassed. Aes scratched his chin.

“You’re from the Dawnlands correct?”


“When did you get your calling?”

Tashi paused for a moment, brow furrowed in thought. “I THINK a couple months ago, it was soon after the Overlich caused the Second Cataclysm.”

“Hmm. Hags are creatures of arcane magic, I believe such magic was just returned to the civilized races of the Dawnlands with the Ley Lines being brought back up during the Second Cataclysm. Perhaps your mo-“ Aes cut himself off, staring at Tashi. “Perhaps there wasn’t enough strength for your calling to reach to you?”

Tashi shuddered at the thought of her mother and looked down. Aes closed the book and set it upon the small table on the side of the bed before sitting back on the edge of the bed. They both sat there in silence for minutes, staring out into space until Tashi finally broke the silence.

“So… I’m a monstrous freak, aren’t I?” She asked, studying her hands. Aes realized she wasn’t staring at her hands in general but her nails. They were unusually sharp, almost talon-like.

“What would make you say that?” Aes gave her a puzzled look. “Don’t take to heart the picture on the title page. Whoever made that book had an odd sense of humor. Smart, but he obviously didn’t think about the feelings of the changeling’s who would wish to read about their kind. That was no changeling, just a depiction of one by the ignorant as to attract the ignorant. That way when they turn the page to read, they find out that their perception of the race is wrong.”

Tashi looked up at him, blinking away coming tears. Aes opened his mouth as if to say something, but nothing came to mind. She shook her head and wiped her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m just… just a little emotional after what happened…” She muttered quietly.

“Don’t… don’t worry about it.” Aes said, looking down at her. He had the urge to embrace her, comfort her, but pushed it back. Unnaturally attractive indeed, he thought, but wasn’t completely sure everything was magical. He decided he needed to change the subject.

“I’m friends with your doctor,” Aes commented and sat up from the bed. “He said your health is improving faster than he would’ve thought, but there may be a few… side effects.”

Tashi nodded. “He… he told me, he just didn’t explain the side effects part…”

“Typical,” Aes rolled his eyes, and smiled when he saw a small smile touch her lips. “You’ve been staring at your nails. That is likely one of them; changelings sometimes have incredibly sharp claws. It may take you a bit to get used to them.” Tashi nodded, looking down at her claws again sadly.

“Don’t worry about it; another side effect has nothing to do with being a changeling. He said in some of his scans he’s been getting interference, abnormal, heavy arcanic interference. I think I know what it is…” Aes said and stepped back. “You’re some kind of magi, may I see you cast a spell? Anything will do.”

Tashi nodded slowly and shifted herself into a more comfortable position. She didn’t really know what to do, her magic just kind of came to her when she needed it. One hand rose instinctively over the other and she concentrated. Suddenly panic shot through her, nothing was happening, she didn’t lose her magic did she?

Electricity suddenly raced through her body, but it didn’t hurt, it exhilarated her. Lightning was crackling between the palms of her hand; she grinned and looked up at Aes to see his reaction when the world flashed around her. A loud CRACK of power erupted in the room as lightning arced.

When Tashi’s vision cleared, she looked in horror at what she did. A blast of lightning had hit Aes, creating a large burn hole through his doublet. He looked stunned, staring down at his chest. Aes positively cackled and patted out the smoking hole before grinning up at Tashi, who looked a mixture of shocked, confused and embarrassed. “I-“ She began, but Aes waved her off.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m perfectly fine. You’re a very powerful magi, Tashi.” Aes grinned at her and she just blinked back in confusion. “I need to go change my shirt though, but I’ll be back… Tomorrow, if you’ll have me. I imagine it must a little lonely stuck in this room by yourself…”

Tashi opened her mouth, closed it, and opened it again. “I- sure, that… that would be great.” She said and smiled.

‘A beautiful smile too.’ Aes thought before he could kick the thought out. He nodded.

“Until tomorrow then,” He bowed. “Remember to read the changeling chapter in that book. You aren’t a monster, Tashi, and I hope you realize that. Goodbye.” He said, giving her one last grin and disappearing into the hall.

Tashi nodded. “Goodbye… Aes.” She said, as if tasting the word, and listened to his footsteps fade down the hall before turning and reaching over for the book. She opened it up to the changeling chapter and stared had at the monster. She scowled, flipped the page and began reading.

Author's Notes: Second part, hot and ready. After this, they get a little more lengthy.

I'm finishing up the fourth, and last part of this ministory. Next one will be up in maybe a week or two. Possibly a month, simply because I want the story to be timed right with the main story happening in the Dawnlands.

Anyway, hope you like it. See you at Part 3. Or, y'know, online sometime.

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Part 3

Post by Sealand on Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:17 pm

Aes returned to Tashi’s bedside almost everyday, sending books for her to read in advance when he couldn’t come. More than once she tried to apologize for blasting him with lightning, but every time he waved it off. She was curious, but didn’t pursue more; Aes changed the subject each time she asked anyway.

When Tashi found out Aes was an archaeologist, she confessed her love for delving in old ruins to try to piece together history and find magical oddities that may be inside. She was obviously not as professional as her friend, but even so, he seemed estatic to find someone who took as much interest in unlocking the secrets of the past as him. Their chats quickly sank into talking about their adventures, findings, and theories on history long gone. Tashi felt like she could listen for hours to him talking about the history of separate worlds.

Today though, Aes didn’t come in with a handful of books, but a wheelchair and a wide grin on his face. Tashi raised an eyebrow at him as he unfolded the chair and rolled it up next to her. He’s taken her out on in a wheelchair before, but he’s never been this giddy about it. He said nothing and held out his hand to help her as she shuffled off the bed into the chair. Aes waited until she shifted into a more comfortable position and wheeled her out into the hallway.

“Are you gonna say hello, or just kidnap me?” Tashi asked, looking back as far as she did and gave him a mischievous smile.

“I wanted to wait until you were able to walk, but I couldn’t.” Aes said, returning her smile with a lopsided grin.

“To do what exactly?”

“To take you out, of course.”

Tashi smirked and raised an eyebrow in question at Aes, he flushed.

“I-I mean outside the hospital. I have something to show you outside the hospital.”

“Wait, wait, wait, what? Hold up.” Tashi holding up her hand to get Aes to stop, and he complied. “I’m not supposed to be out of the hospital for another couple of weeks, Aes.”

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them, or you. You’ve been in here for weeks already, Tash. You need some fresh air.”

Tashi sighed and sank back down into the wheelchair. He had a point; she had started feeling like she was trapped in a cage. Aes had helped by taking her for walks around the hospital, and even out into the hospital’s courtyard, but still she felt caged. Aes took her silence as acceptance and resumed pushing her down the hall.

They traveled in silence down the several levels of the hospital. By now, because of their little walks and talks, Tashi felt like she knew this hospital’s inside like the back of her hand. At the thought, Tashi raised her hand to inspect it like she did everyday to check on her body’s status and scowled. Her skin still had a green tinge, only noticeable to anyone who looked hard, and, of course, her. Her nails had also transformed into razor sharp claws, and despite trying to clip them, they always grew back. Sometimes she’d accidentally claw herself or the people around her, Aes had said they may be permanent and she’d have to get used to them.

“Oh right, that reminds me.” Aes said. Tashi looked up at him as he smiled sweetly at her.

Tashi’s eyes widened as Aes’s features changed before her. His skin lightened until he was almost as pale as she was, his skin even had a similar green tinge, and one of his eyes, right like her’s, turned into an emerald. At first glance it looked like a totally different person, but Aes’s mischievous grin was unmistakable to her by now.

“H-how?” Tashi stammered.

“Wouldn’t want you feeling out of place in Starfire, right?” Aes simply stated, and winked at her before starting back their trek like nothing had happened. “We need to get out before-“

“Where are you going with my patient, young man?” A voice called from behind them.

Aes froze, accidentally jerked the chair to a halt, and spun. An old man, Tashi’s doctor, tapped out of a nearby room. The man was hunched over a bit from walking with his hardwood cane and he wore an oversized lab coat that was inches off the ground. Aes positioned himself in front of the wheelchair as if to hide Tashi was there, he smiled nervously.

“Maddock! I didn’t see you there, friend!” Aes exclaimed as Tashi attempted to make herself sink into her wheelchair like it would help disguise her from her doctor. “I… really don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just taking Tashi on our usual walk around the hospital.”

Maddock tapped up to Aes and locked eyes with him, both men stood their ground. Maddock lifted his cane and smacked Aes on his shins, causing him to wince.

“Don’t lie to me, Aes. I always know.” The old man stated, and tapped past him to the side of the wheelchair where he came face to face with Tashi. She gulped and gave the man a nervous smile.

“How’re you feeling today, Tashi?” The man asked as he blatantly looked over her face.

“I feel absolutely fine, sir. Aes just thou-“ Tashi was interrupted by Maddock roughly grabbing her hand and studying it. He began testing her knuckles, examining between her fingers and finally brushing over the claws. Tashi held her breath as the man raised her claws toward his face so he could get a better look. Maddock nodded quietly. He raised his cane and tapped it against her knees, both of them kicking up on reflex.

Maddock smiled at Tashi and patted her shoulder.
“You’re doing very well, young lady. Perhaps you do deserve some fresh air and sights.” He said.

“You mean… we can go?” Aes said, sounding bewildered.

“Yes, yes, you can go.” Maddock said, waving his hand. He tapped back behind the two toward the doorway he came through.

“Th-thanks, Maddock!” Aes said, grinning down at Tashi who turned her head and returned it.

“Just remember to bring her back before dark, young man.” Maddock said from behind them, a hint of mischief in his voice.

Aes flushed and spun around, but Maddock had already disappeared into another room. Tashi raised her hand to her mouth and stifled a laugh. Aes turned back around and began pushing the wheelchair down the hall again, looking incredibly embarrassed. He gave Tashi a nervous smile as she turned to hide her laughter from him.

“Right,” he sighed. “Well let’s go, then.”

When Aes wheeled her out of the hospital, Tashi’s breath was taken by the beauty of the city. She’d seen glimpses of it through windows inside the hospital, but absolutely nothing could compare to seeing it full view without a glass pane in your way. The entire city seemed to be cut from a pearly marble stone, bouncing rays of light and colors to and fro. Giant trees rose over the pearly white buildings, holding even more buildings in their branches like they had sprout up one day and attempted to carry people’s homes into the sky.

Now Tashi knew why Aes always mentioned Starfire as the city that could only be challenged by the heavens. She never pictured him as very religious, but she was now sure that if ANYTHING could beat Starfire it would have to be the home of gods. Tashi wouldn’t even be surprised if gods who saw Starfire just got up from their thrones and asked for residence here. Tashi caught Aes’s eyes and he grinned at her and glanced down. Tashi blushed and closed her mouth she realized she had left open in amazement.

Aes brought her up to a gray circle cut into the sidewalk as she glanced around, noticing the busy people in the street. There were so many different looking races, that Tashi couldn’t even count them all. None of them even paid attention to them, except a few who smiled and waved to Aes and he waved back too. No one seemed puzzled by her looks; to them she was just as normal as them, and it made her heart flutter a little.

Suddenly she felt something latch onto the wheels of her chair. She peeked over and saw mechanical claws popping out of the circle and securing the chair to it. Tashi looked up at Aes in confusion, but he just gave her that damned grin.

“Just watch,” Aes said, as if it would explain everything. “Starfire castle gardens.” He said out loud, looking down at the circle beneath their feet.

Tashi was about to ask what about the gardens when the circle rumbled under them. She gasped as the circle, or rather disk now, floated slowly into the air and spun them around. She had never really been scared of heights, but flying across a city on a thin metallic disk was certainly as terrifying as it was exhilarating. Every second Tashi was caught between the fear of falling off and the amazing sights of Starfire and the technology it used.

After a minute or so of flight(and Tashi laughing hysterically) the disk drifted downward toward a large pearly castle. Over the walls Tashi saw explosions of color from a variety of different flowers before they disappeared as the disc descended. Air blasted the ground, sending things flying around them until there was a click of mechanics and the disc settled into the ground. The metal claws released the wheel, and Tashi yelped as Aes took off at a jog.

She could see why Aes was so excited to bring her here now. Tashi’s head spun from all the colors when they rounded the corner. There must be a thousand different flowers of varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Each kind had it’s own little pocket before mixing into the background with the thousand other. A pocket of delicate, almost glass-like, pure white flowers caught her eye; they had a significantly larger pocket of them.

“Hey… what’re those?” Tashi asked, pointing them out to Aes who was gazing over at an empty pen. Aes looked over, flushed, and looked away.

“Th-those? Nothing, here, I’ll show you… ahm… my favorite.” He said, beginning to roll Tashi out of sight of the white flower. She raised her eyebrow at Aes and opened her mouth to ask what was wrong but closed it and sank back into her wheelchair.

Aes wheeled her up to a group of closed yellow flowers. Every other flower in the garden was in bloom but these, who stood closed and defiant. Tashi raised an eyebrow at him.

“These are your favorite…? Why?” She asked.

“I’ll show you,” Aes said, smirking. He walked up and opened his palms toward the flowers. The hair on the back of Tashi’s neck stood up as she felt energy build up in the air, suddenly sparks flew off Aes like a heavy thunderstorm towards the flowers. Her eyes widened as she watched the flowers peek open, revealing a range of blood red to reddish bronze color inside each flower.

Tashi looked up at Aes in amazement; he grinned back and stopped his small light show, bent over and plucked one of the flowers out. Despite Aes no longer throwing electricity into them, all of the bronze/red flower faces stayed open as if watching the two.

“Sparked Bronze, or Lightning flowers to some other cultures.” Aes said with a shrug, and handed her the flower. She smiled sweetly at him and took it.

At the touch, her fingers tingled and she noticed that the flower was throwing off a few sparks as well. None of the sparks hurt or pinched at her, just tingled. She started at it as if in a trance, watching as moments later the flower slowly closed. She grinned up at Aes and he grinned back.

“Try it yourself! You should be able too…. Just try not to blast the garden with a bolt of lightning.” Aes said, and Tashi blushed, remembering the time she blasted him with lightning.

She stared at the flower and concentrated. Energy traveled from her to the flower, causing it’s face to open up at again. She had an odd realization why these were Aes’s favorite flower, and smiled. They were a bit like him, taking a bit of effort and energy to get him to open up. She looked up at him and his goofy grin. ‘I can work with that,’ she thought slyly to herself.

Time passed by them like a river as they sat on one of the many benches in the garden and continued their usual chats, or stared out into the world of colored flowers. Absentmindedly, Tashi twirled the Lightning flower Aes had given her and sighed. He turned to her to ask if something was wrong when he looked up and swore. Both of them realized that night was fast approaching.

Aes helped Tashi quickly into the wheelchair, rolled her to the disc and set them both off to the hospital. Maddock was waiting outside the doors, tapping his cane impatiently. Aes smiled nervously, bowed to the man, and rolled Tashi past before the old man could get a word in. After sweeping through the long halls of the hospital, they found Tashi’s room.

Tashi lay back down in her hospital bed, sighing contently. Aes stared at for her a moment, before breaking the silence.

“So, glad to get a little air?” He asked with a small smile.

“Yes, that place is beautiful… All of Starfire is beautiful. I’m not really much of a city gal, but,” Tashi shrugs and grins. “I think I could learn to like it.”

Aes rubbed his chin for a moment in thought and then suddenly grinned like he had a thought. Tashi raised an eyebrow.

“What’re you thinking about, Lightning boy?” She asked.

“Lightning boy?” Aes looked taken aback. “Whatever. Ahem. I know where we can go next… although it’ll take a bit to get ready, I think. Maybe when you get walking, eh?” He grinned.

Tashi smiled. “Sure, sound like a date then.” She said, and giggled as Aes flushed a bit. A thought crossed her mind, but she pushed it away.

“Right, well,” Aes coughed. “See you tomorrow, Tashi.” He said, waving bye and leaving the room. Tashi listened to his footsteps fade as she twirled the Lightning flower.

Author's Notes: Felt like putting up Part 3, soooo... here it is.

Now, this might not be the right timing, but oh well. It's close enough.

Don't really have much to say. Part 4 is finished and will be out likely around the time of the Overlich's death, maybe sooner. *shrugs*

Anyway, hope you guys liked it.

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Part 4; The End

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Author's Notes: Figured I'd do these BEFORE the story. Anyway, I really don't want to put this last one down, simply out of embarrassment. It's kind of a cheesy romance, so... Fair warning.

However, I put up all the other stuff already, and I wanted to give you guys some explanation for the NEXT story involving these too. Which, yes, I am doing another story. It won't really be a cheesy love story, but will actually have some action in it. Actually, I'll begin writing the new story at my Grandma's. Or, at least that's the plan.

Sorry again for you all having to read this, I'll get on with the torture. <3


Tashi’s fingers brushed through the fur of the black cat sitting on her lap, thinking about the past week. Two days after the first garden adventure with Aes, Maddock had put her into walking therapy. She wondered if Mr. Lightning boy himself had something to do with that since his exiting words that last night, but she shrugged it off. Every other time he came, he would help her walk himself. It was a little hard to concentrate on walking when your legs felt like jelly for other reasons than being in a hospital bed for a month or two.

She glanced at the flower vase next to her bed, filled with Lightning flowers and smiled thoughtfully. She didn’t know how it happened it all went so quick, but she was falling in love with him. ‘Falling?’ She thought to herself. ‘You’ve already fallen.’ She scratched the curled up cat’s ears, listening to the rumbling purr quietly.

But how could you not? You’ve been stuck in here for a month or so without any other visitors but your doctor and him. Not even Faelar came back to check up on you. Although Aes had calmed her a bit by explaining that Faelar was busy in the Dawnlands, keeping the Overlich under control, even in the wake of some kind disaster that Aes wouldn’t give any details about. Maddock had also said he was sending regular reports so Faelar would know what’s up. It didn’t really soothe Tashi too much.

Now though, she had Tommas back. She shifted into a more comfortable position slowly so as not to disturb the familiar. Once she could walk relatively straight, and with permission from Maddock of course, she asked Aes if he could get here a couple ingredients for a summoning. When he came back, she summoned her lifelong friend. It almost brought her to tears when he retold the story, but luckily Aes was there to reassure her.

Like always, Tommas never really trusted others around Tashi, but he seemed to warm to Aes quickly. Tashi found it a little odd considering she thought her mother -no, Nodrasa, she had no mother as she kept reminding herself- taking control of both her and Tommas would cause the familiar to sink deeper into his distrust, but it seemed the opposite had happened.

A knock on the door broke off Tashi’s attention and made her jump, which woke up Tommas, who looked back at Tashi reproachfully. They both looked up at Aes in the doorway, a cheesy grin on his face as he leaned on the doorframe. Tashi noticed he didn’t look like a Changeling this time. Ever since the adventure to the garden, he’d come in looking like his regular bronze skinned self or relatively pale with different colored eyes, although one was always a bronze color. She still didn’t know how he did that.

“It’s time,” Aes said in the doorway, smiling like that gave her a clue as to what he was talking about.

“Huh?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“The next place I wanted to show you, remember?” Aes said, a small frown on his face.

“Oh. Oh! Of course I remember, you just didn’t give me any warning!” She said, giving him a weak smile and pulling off the covers.
Aes glanced down, flushed and looked away. “You, er, may want get dressed first, though.” He coughed awkwardly.

Tashi looked down, noticing her hospital dress was almost showing her… oh gods. She shoved it down, forcing a weak chuckle. “Yeah… sounds good, can you wait outside, please?”

“Yeah, okay.” Aes said, turning, glad to hide his face. He closed the door behind him.

Tommas turned to her, making her feel like he was staring through her with his slightly glowing green-yellow and blue eyes. “Was that on purpose?” He mewed.

“What? No!” Tashi huffed, glaring at the cat. Tommas blinked as if he didn’t believe her and curled up at the end of the bed. She sighed and got up, wobbled a little but steadied herself, pulling out what little clothing she had and throwing it on. She thought wistfully about when Aes brought them in, telling her that he had her old clothes remade by some of the best tailors in Starfire. She had to admit, they fit perfectly.

She had to stop herself at the thought of brushing her hair, mostly because she didn’t have a mirror or brush, and not to mention her hair never really deterred from being straight. She did rake her nails, or claws now, through it however, careful not to accidentally slash across her head. She noticed her hair was way longer than usual, she’d probably have to get a hair cut once she got out.

“You can come back in!” Tashi said after throwing on a dark green tunic and black trousers. As Aes walked in, she crouched down and buckled her boots. She rested her toes on the buttons inside, remembering their feeling. She sighed contently, it had been ages since Tashi had worn these old blade boots and she was glad to wear them again.

She stood up and smiled at Aes, and catching his eyes jerk up from looking her over. Perhaps he could tell she knew somehow, because he quickly looked over at Tommas.

“You can come too, Tommas, if you want.” Aes said. The cat looked up lazily from his spot on the bed.

“I’m good, you kids go out by yourself, just behave.” The familiar meowed. Tashi, being the only one who understood the cat outside of his own species, covered her mouth to stifle a laugh. Aes looked over at Tashi and back to Tommas.

“What’d he say?” Aes asked, looking back over to Tashi with a confused look.

“Oh, that he’s a lazy ass.” Tashi said, grinning wildly. Tommas let the comment slide and returned to his nap, swishing his tail back and forth.

“Well alright then, shall we go?” Aes asked, looking to her. She nodded, noticing a small twitch in his arm like he was going to raise it to grab her’s.

Aes lead her down out of the hospital, where they met Maddock leaning against the doorframe. He waved back when the two waved over to him, but he seemed to be giving Aes a stern look, and Aes walked out a bit hurriedly. Tashi followed after him.

Once again, her breath was taken away by Starfire. She had to remind her why she hated cities in the first place, as seeing Starfire seemed to unintentionally warp your thoughts about them. She shook her head in amazement and smiled at Aes, who waited patiently beside her. He flashed a smile back and started walking again; she followed close by his side, not wanting to lose him.

Tashi noticed they weren’t heading toward the disks they usually took, but towards an alleyway. Aes peaked in like he was expecting someone and beckoned her to follow him as he entered. She did without question, although she never really liked alleyways, to closed in, not a lot of room to fight, but she didn’t think Aes was going to mug her or anything. Especially seeing as most of her possessions were things he’d bought for her.

They popped out into another street and kept walking down. Silence crawled around them awkwardly like a large bug. Aes never started up conversation, he seemed intent on taking her somewhere, and she felt like she could almost feel him tense whenever she got close. This was not really like him at all, and it worried her.

Eventually he stopped at the base of one of the trees and turned, motioning towards it. She walked up to get a clear look. At the base of the giant tree was a small room, illuminated by a green light in the middle. The light seemed to be made from nothing; it was just there, floating in the air. Tashi turned to Aes, confused.

“What is it?” She asked.

“A teleporter.” Aes said and winked at her. This probably would’ve melted her heart, if his sudden secrecy on where they were going wasn’t already annoying her. She crossed her arms as he turned and whispered into what appeared to be a console near the entrance of the green room.

“Alrighty,” He said, rubbing his hands together. He turned and saw her with her arms crossed and frowned. “Uhm…”

“Where are we going?” Tashi asked, raising her eyebrow.

“It’s a secret!” Aes exclaimed, he held out a hand. “Trust me… please?” He gave her a weak grin. Tashi looked from him to his hand, sighed, and took his hand. “Thank you… first time may tingle a bit, don’t worry about it.”

He led her into the middle of the green light. Every part of her body felt like it was getting small electrical shocks as the power hummed her in ears. She felt an affectionate squeeze on her hand before all of her sense seemed to disappear.

She stumbled back into reality, gasping for breath, her knees buckled under her but something caught her and hauled her back up to her feet. She looked to her right and say Aes’s worried face less than a foot away.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry; I didn’t think it’d be…” Aes trails off as Tashi holds up a hand and takes a deep breath.

“I’m fine.” Tashi said, smiling weakly to reassure him, she looked up. “Now where are we-“

And her breath was gone again as she saw the wall of trees towering over them. Massive trunks reached into the sky, most breaking through clouds and disappearing above. Emerald green flora wrapped around the trees like a warm coat. She opened her mouth and turned, looking at a pearly white wall that stood high above, but not nearly as tall as the trees. Small crystals of different shades of blue, green and silver floated over the wall, emitting a hardly audible and symphonic hum. Tashi looked to Aes, completely flabbergasted.

“Don’t worry about them, at least, so long as you don’t try to fly into Starfire uninvited.” Aes muttered, and stepped forward. “What I wanted to show you was this,” he said, motioning towards the trees. “You said yourself you weren’t much of a city person.”

Tashi looked at him, speechless.

“I would’ve taken you to some ruin or something… but I didn’t think it’d be a great place to- I mean, I didn’t want to take you out so far. Not yet at least.” He looked down at her silence, folding his hands. “I’m sorry, I thought you’d maybe like i-“

Tashi hit Aes like a cat pouncing on a mouse, wrapping her arms around him. Aes looked shocked, and nervously wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head on his shoulder.

“I love it, Aes.” Tashi sighed, releasing him and backing up to find him grinning like an idiot.

“Great!” He exclaimed, looking almost like he was going to jump up in joy before his face suddenly went serious. “There… there is something else I wanted to show you, but… let’s go for a little walk, shall we?” He said, motioning towards the forest. Tashi gave a little smile and nodded.

Side by side, they walked into the forest. Tashi stared up in awe at the trees soaring over their heads, while Aes walked nervously, staring ahead with a stone-face. Soon, he stopped abruptly on the edge of a clearing; Tashi stopped hard and looked to him, confused by his shocked expression. She followed his eyes to an odd blurry tree in the middle of the clearing. She squinted, thinking perhaps it might help her see the tree better, but it remained blurry.

“That’s a Tree to the Ethereal… Come on, let’s go check it out.” Aes said, waving her to follow him as he began jogging forward. Tashi followed him, eyeing the tree. No matter how close they got towards it, the tree still seemed… indistinct, or fuzzy. They couldn’t see it properly.

Aes placed a hand on his chin, studying the tree before turning to Tashi.

“You… wanna try something?” He asked, gulping.

“’Try something’? What’s that supposed to mean?” Tashi said, raising an eyebrow.

Aes flushed. “N-no, it’s just… I wanted to see if you wanted to take a look at the Ethereal plane… It’s a fairly rare experience and I figured…” Aes stumbled over his words, looking down at their feet. Tashi punched his shoulder lightly and grinned mischievously at him.

“I’m joking, Lightning boy. So how do we…?” Tashi said, looking up at the blurry tree.

“Simple…” Aes said, and coughed into his hand awkwardly. “May I, uhm, see your hand?” He said, holding out his hand and looking toward the tree. Tashi smirked and laid her hand in his. He brought her hand up to the tree, holding his hand over it.

“Just place a hand on the tree, and focus some magic i-“ Aes started, closing his eyes to concentrate before the world suddenly warped around them. Fogs and mists swirled around them, covering up the forest in darkness, despite the spectrum of colors swimming through the mists themselves. Everything around them disappeared within a foot, except themselves and the tree they had come through, now at their backs.

“Woah…” Aes said, speechless. Tashi nodded as they spun around together, peering into the darkness of the mist. Suddenly, they caught each other’s eyes, and both looked down at their hands, still folded into each other.

“Erm… we probably want to stick… Or else we get lost in here.” Aes said giving a small nervous smile.

“Right…” Tashi said, returning her smile. “This place is oddly beau-“ She turned as if she heard something.

“What is i-“ Aes asked, but she raised a finger to her lips to quiet him.

A rumbling sound came from all around them like a roar in a cat’s throat, and air rushed around them like something was circling them. Tashi stepped closer to Aes.

“This is the Ethereal plane… almost nothing lives he-“ Aes whispered to Tashi, trying to calm her when the mists were suddenly blown away by some force.

A large, faded tiger stood feet taller than the two, staring down at them curiously. Aes and Tashi stood speechless as the mists swirled around the tiger’s feet, slowly reforming around them. Aes fell to a knee, pulling Tashi down with him.

“The Spectral Tigress…” He muttered in disbelief, bowing his head. Tashi looked between him and the tigress before bowing her head as well.

The Spectral Tigress bowed it’s head to the two, an amused glint in it’s eye. As the two quietly stood back up, the tigress leapt over their head and seemed to be absorbed into the tree, disappearing completely. The mists swirled and rejoined, hiding where the she once stood.

Aes quickly found his speech again and looked to Tashi. “Th-that… that was one of Ioa demigods of this world…”

“Oh,” Tashi said, staring at the tree like a tiger was about to leap out of it. “Well, that’s… one way to make an impression.” She smiled weakly at Aes, brushing a stray hair out of her face. He nodded.

“Right well… shall we get back to the Material plane?” He asked, motioning towards the tree. Tashi nodded and placed a hand on the tree along with Aes.

The world warped around them again, mists swirling away as the colors of green, brown and blue became more prominent and tree sprung from the ground. They returned to the clearing, with little time passing. A small, black cat padded up to them and meowed annoyed at them.

“Oh, quiet Tommas, we’re fine.” Tashi said to the cat, her lips twitching into a smile. “Have you been following us this whole time?” She asked, but got no reply. Tommas simply stretched out.

Tashi noticed Aes smiling absentmindedly at Tommas and turned to him.

“You said you wanted to show me something, right? We… uh… kinda got distracted by the… uh, tree.” Tashi said, giving Aes a concerned look when he looked up and frowned. He let out a breath and stepped forward, facing away from Tashi and Tommas.

“Right… right… Maybe I should’ve shown you sooner, but… well…” Aes paused. “People always look at me different in this form, my REAL form; I don’t want it to change people’s minds about me…” He stopped, his shoulders slumping. Tashi walked up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Aes, you’ve helped me realize I’m no monster. If you think I’m going to judge you because you’re… something else, you’ve got another thing coming.” Tashi said, smiling at him as he turned back toward her. Tommas sat back, not looking relatively interested in the conversation.

“Alright,” He said hoarsely, smiling weakly at Tashi. “Alright… step back.” He said.

Tashi stepped backward a good distance and watched as Aes closed his eyes, and began changing. Leathery bronze wings ripped out of his back, and hands turned into fearsome claws. His neck elongated as his face and mouth turned into a snout, small spikes popping out of his neck and lining down his spine. Scales emerged from his skin like it was water. Tashi covered up her mouth in astonishment.

In a couple seconds, Aes had turned from a human to a bronze colored dragon. He shook out his wings and stretched them before looking up at Tashi, looking for approval. Tashi walked and raised Aes’s head to her’s and kissed him on the forehead. Aes blinked in incredulity and grinned.

Tommas looked up at the two with a bemused look on his face. “Oh good, is it settled then? Took you long enough.” He meowed and began washing his paw.

Tashi laughed at Tommas as Aes morphed back into his humanoid form, a grin plastered over his face even though he had no clue what Tommas had said. Tashi threw an arm around his shoulder and leaned against him, grinning like a fool.

“Alright, Dragon boy.” Tashi said, giving him a peck on the cheek. Aes’s face grew red as she smirked at him. “Let’s head back to Starfire before dark, shall we?”

Aes nodded and wrapped an arm around her waist, leading her back to the pearly white city of Starfire.

Second Author Notes: Hope your eyes didn't bleed, guys. Thanks for reading~

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