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Echoes of the Past - Prelude (Part 1)

Post by AJ.Wisteria on Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:58 am

Echoes of the Past - Prelude (Part 1)

It had been quite a while since Kai had visited her sister in Hearthfire. Kai knew Sidhiel was a busy woman, what with her guard and tavern work, but Sid always made time for her sister. “A beacon of light and peace.” She muttered to no one in particular, though Zali whinnied softly in response. “Wasn’t talkin’ ta ya, horse.” Kai rubbed her left eye and grimaced, though it was soon replaced by a smile as she reached the edge of town. Zali’s hooves clacked noisily along the cobblestone in front of the library and town hall, the sound echoing across the buildings eerily. Kai waved to Ed, grinning at his usual gruff grunt before stopping in front of Sidhiel’s house. Mikael appeared from around the corner and whinnied happily at Zali, who threw up her head and pawed at the ground in response. “Okay, okay, hold up – “ she unhooked the horse’s tack and set it over the chair next to the door. “There. Now you can go.”

Sidhiel’s house was unusually quiet when Kai walked in. Usually Sidhiel was downstairs working on her guard paperwork or writing sheet music, but this time the house itself was dead silent. “Sidney?” there was a call from upstairs and Kai followed it, shocked by what she found. “Th’ nether is this?!” Sidhiel sat in the middle of the floor surrounded by a massive map, a bloodied journal, and about fifteen pages of loose papers.

“Oh! Kai! I did not hear you come in,” Sidhiel said, looking up. She had ink on her hands and arms, and her vest was sitting in a crumpled heap on the bed. “This is absolutely amazing, look at this!” Kai gave her sister a confused look and sat down. “I received a letter in the mail, along with this package and a map. Here – “ she handed Kai the letter.

This map, these etchings, and this journal, carried by an exhausted pigeon, arrived on my doorstep nearly thirty years ago, and these items have sat in my basement for almost as long. I have often tried to find a person worthy to give these items to, but until now, I had found no one.

If you find yourself wondering why I find you worthy, here is my answer: though I do not know your name, I have heard of you, Psion. This journal makes mention of others like you, and considering you are the only one of your kind I have heard of, I give these items to you. It mentions a crystal in the journal, which I found and gave to a vendor in Barbani…he still has it, last I checked. Do what you will with these items.

Yours sincerely,

Kai handed the letter back and stared at the map, listening intently to Sidhiel. “This smaller map here represents the route one would take to this specific ruin. It is rather far away, so I do not plan on going there until I have some proper free time. Now this,” she swept her hand across the larger map, which was about the size of a large area rug. “is a map of ‘Haven’, the ruin in question. Apparently it is an enormous underground tunnel system guarded by a rather sizeable tree in the deep forest.”

“Y’mean the forests way East of here? Man, nobody goes out there.”

“Exactly. Apparently the group of Psions in question were very…ahm…antisocial. I do not know why, though I have been able to translate a few of the etchings from the ruins roughly. It appears to be an archaic form of the Dwarven language…” She pulled one of the sheets of paper out from behind her and handed it to Kai. “The man in the journal said he took this from a stone pillar near a cleared patch. It says, roughly, ‘The sleep of eternity brings peace to all’.”

“A cemetery?” Sidhiel nodded, and pulled out another sheet.

“This is the one I found most intriguing. A metal plaque is apparently nailed into the tree that guards ‘Haven’. From what I can translate, it says ‘The key lies within the crystal’…which means I have to go find this crystal. Barbani is only a day’s ride away from here or so, right on the border of the Dawnlands, which means I can head out tomorrow and be back in three days.”

“Sidney, are you sure that’s such a good idea? I mean, we’s gettin’ pretty close t’ killin’ the Overlich, an’ what if y’miss somethin’?” Kai returned Sidhiel’s annoyed frown and crossed her arms. “Well?”

“Kai, I said I would only be gone for a few days. Plus, you can tell me all about it when I return if I do miss anything.” She rolled her notes up and gently pushed them into a leather case along with the map, storing the journal in a very old patchwork knapsack that sat by her side. “You are always welcome to come along, if you need a break.”

Kai narrowed her eyes and jutted her chin out, showing extreme displeasure at the invitation. “I can’t. I’s got stuff t’do at th’ tavern.”

“How about you leave Ruckus in charge for a little while?” Sidhiel suggested, packing some more things into her knapsack. “Well, then again, he does have a nasty habit of getting into the alcohol.”

“Or maybe people will have to meet, oh, out on the streets for a while? It rains in New Cerb, Sid! Where’re they s’posed t’ go?”

“Town hall?” Sidhiel replied, eyebrows raised. She chuckled at Kai’s withering glare. “I am simply suggesting you take a break, Kai. I was only partially unconscious when you mentioned ‘skipping rope with Rusk’s entrails’, and personally I think you need a break.”

“Okay, okay, fine. I’ll go.” Kai replied, throwing her hands up in the air. “Honestly, ever’one’s been actin’ like a child, fightin’ with each other an’ stuff…” she shook her head and stood. “I’ve gotta go back to New Cerb if we’re doing this, though. Y’know, gotta get clothes an’ stuff.”

“Well then, my friend, I shall accompany you there.” Sidhiel said, grabbing her knapsack and duffel bag as she headed down the stairs. Mikael and Zali were waiting for them on the other side of the house, and soon the sisters were off towards New Cerberus.


Like Sidhiel said, it took them only a day to reach Barbani, a medium-sized village on the edge of a lake. The people there were quiet, calm folk who made their living farming or selling weaponry, and the entire town seemed to smell like a mix of manure, dirt, and rainwater. It wasn’t exactly the cleanest place, but it was civilization, and to Kai it felt good to be among people again. They conversed with a few of the townsfolk – mostly elves and humans with a few orcs thrown in – and were pointed to a vendor’s shop near the market center.

“Bregerd’s Bits and Baubles.” Sidhiel said quietly. “Apparently this is it.” She stood by as Kai pushed open the door and walked in, looking around for Bregerd. It was a small store, yet it felt much larger on the inside, and the massive area rug laid out in front of them made it feel even bigger as they approached the center of the room. “Hello? Is anyone he – “

“Aye aye, hold up a sec, I’m rearrangin’ stuff in the back!” Kai shrugged and walked over to one of the bookshelves, flipping through a few of the books before inspecting the potion-making ingredients. Finally a rather rotund balding fellow appeared behind the counter, wiping his face with a damp towel. “Ok! What can Bregerd do for yas fine ladies?” Sidhiel calmly pulled out the letter from her map case and handed it to him, waiting for a response as he read it slowly. “Well ladies, I can’t help ya much, sorry. Ya see, me store was robbed a four days ago an’ the crystal was one of th’ things that went missin’. In fact, it was th’ only thing that went missin’!”

“The only thing?” Sidhiel frowned, looking crestfallen and rather dejected. “Do you have any leads as to who might have done this?”

“Yup, two leads, a footprint and this.” He held up a ratty handmade stuffed cat that looked like it had seen better days. “I think the thief dropped this when I tried to unlock the door.” Sidhiel stared at the doll, then at the sectioned-off area of the floor containing the footprint. It was small, maybe about four or five inches in length, and tints of crimson dyed the muddy frame. “By my guess, th’ little bugger’s hit the road and headed North, towards Friggeville.”

“Well then, we have little time to catch up to them. How far away is Friggeville?”

“About ah…hm. Three day’s ride, an’ he’s got a head start.” Sidhiel nodded and bowed, passing a few coins to him. “Ah, I’ll consider this your payment for th’ crystal?” she nodded again and grabbed Kai’s arm on the way out the door. The horses were waiting outside patiently and followed her to the edge of town before Kai finally managed to halt Zali.

“Hold up, Sidney! We’s not really gonna go do this, right? I mean, you said we’d be gone for three days, at most! We’s gotta get back, they need us!”

“Kai, the person we are looking for is a child who has at least a three day head start against us. I think we can track them down within three days, hm?” Sidhiel gave her sister a plaintive look and set a hand on her shoulder. “Kai, I think the people in New Cerberus and Hearthfire can survive a week without us. If we miss anything, well…they can tell us about it when we get back.”

Kai looked around and sighed heavily, giving Sidhiel an irritated look. Her sister was right, the Dawnlanders could hold down the fort without her, but it felt wrong to leave. At the same time, she wanted time to herself, time away from the Dawnlanders and the bickering that had become such a staple at the tavern. “Okay, fine. Let’s go.” Sidhiel grinned and hopped onto Mikael’s back, waiting patiently for Kai before setting off towards Friggeville.


Good weather and luck smiled upon the sisters and they arrived in Friggeville two days later as opposed to three, and immediately set out to find who had stolen the crystal. Men leaned against the posts and wolf-whistled at Kai as they walked down the street while others gave Sidhiel distrusting glances and withering glares. They ignored the citizens as best they could, forcing smiles whenever they had to speak to them…which unfortunately was quite often. “’Scuse me sir, ‘ave y’seen a child come into town recently? Probably really ragged looking, bloodied feet, carryin’ a crystal?”

“I might’ve, an’ I’ll tell ya for a price…” said one man as he leaned over Kai and did his best to peer down her shirt. She balled up her fists and resisted the urge to knock his teeth out just barely, then continued on down the street.

“Pardon me ma’am, have you seen – “

“You ain’t from around here, blue-skin. We don’t like outsiders.” Replied another woman, dragging her curious child by the wrist as she slogged through the muddy streets away from Sidhiel.

Hours passed before the two of them finally gave up and sat, deflated and depressed, on a bench in the town center. “Well that went fantastically well.” Sidhiel muttered, running a hand through her hair. “I apologize for dragging you along on this trip, Kai – “

“Ah s’ok! I had fun!” Kai gave her sister a thumbs up, but her fake smile turned into an irritated look when she saw Sidhiel’s unconvinced eyebrow-raise. “Ok fine, this sucks. I think I’ve got mud IN my boots now, and if I get hit on again by another drunkard I’s gonna throw a fit.”

Sidhiel stared up at the orange-colored sky and sighed heavily, slumping in the seat. “Well, we can rent a room at the inn and talk to the people there…maybe they will know something.”

“Y’think they’ll be any more receptive?”

“Probably not, but it does not hurt to try – ow! What?” Sidhiel turned to where Kai was pointing and frowned. Standing in the shadows of a nearby building was a small shape, child-sized, holding a glowing object in its hands. As it let the object fall the two realized it was a small crystal suspended from a pendant, and they knew what they were looking for. Suddenly the shape looked up at them and shrank back, running around the side of the building before the sisters could even register what had happened. The two jumped up and gave pursuit and soon caught up with the hooded figure, cornering it near an abandoned house on the outskirts of town.

“Little one, is this yours?” the shape nodded from under the hood and took the stuffed animal from Kai’s hand, clutching it tightly. “Now…I think you’ve got something of ours. Can we ‘ave it back?” the form shook it’s head violently. “Why not?” there was no response from under the hood. “Please, can we ‘ave it back? We need it to find something.” Kai held her hand out and the shape shrunk away from her, cowering in the corner like a frightened animal. “We won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Sidhiel turned to the shape and nodded, smiling softly. Immediately the body relaxed and looked up, pointing at Sidhiel. “Eyes.” the sisters looked at each other, confused. “You got eyes like me.” a tiny hand reached up and pulled back the hood concealing the child’s face. Under it sat a mud-and-dirt-caked face with ruddy brown hair, very dark grey-blue skin, and deep-set crimson eyes. The child looked up and stuck her chin out, grasping the crystal around her neck. “You can’t haves it.”

“Why, little one?”

“Because he wants to go home, and I’m gonna take him there.”

Author's Note: Part one of the very hastily-written prelude to my winter story, Echoes of the Past, coming this November/December to a forum near you. This prelude will give you guys an idea of where Sid and Kai were while my computer was in the shop and I was unable to RP.

Whereas the summer story was...just filler, the winter story will begin to fill in a little more of Sidhiel and Kai's past, the family ties, etc. etc...and it will also pseudo-introduce a character I'm VERY excited to RP, which will be happening in the future after the Dream Plane Issues/Overlich Issues are dealt with. I hope you all enjoyed it, part 2 should be up Sunday...if you have comments, message me about them, but until part 2 goes up, don't post please ^.^

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Echoes of the Past - Prelude (Part 2)

Post by AJ.Wisteria on Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:34 am

Echoes of the Past – Prelude, Part 2

“Who wants you to take him home?” Sidhiel asked, kneeling down next to the girl and extending a hand. The child shrunk away like a cornered animal, grasping the crystal and the stuffed animal closer to her chest.

“I won’t tell you, you just call me crazy like everyones does.” The girl pulled her knees up to her chest and stared at the ground.

“I promise I will not call you crazy. Neither will Kai…we come from a place where plenty of crazy things occur, so we will not be surprised.” The girl stared up at them, frowning, still unwilling to speak. Kai gave her a reassuring smile and held out her pinky, which made the girl frown even harder.

“It’s called a ‘pinky promise’. It’s the strongest promise somebody can make, an’ it can’t ever be broken…if it is broken, you get to break my pinky.” Kai smiled as the little girl grabbed the pinky with her full hand. “No, you take your pinky and lock it with mine – yeah, like that. Now…what’s up?” the child pointed up at the sky, now dyed deep red with the setting sun. “No, I mean, why do people think yer crazy?”

“Henry talks to me.” the child pointed at the crystal, tapping it with her finger as it glowed blue. “I hearded him cry, so I talkdeded to him an’ th’ fat guy chased me out. Throwed an apple at me.”

Sidhiel nodded and reached out for a moment to touch the crystal. The girl jerked it away before realizing she meant no harm, and finally touched it to Sidhiel’s fingers. Suddenly, a tiny voice invaded her mind, calling out about “home”, “mommy”, and a place called Arn. “I hear him, too, little one.”

The girl’s eyes widened and she sat up suddenly, her face inches away from Sidhiel’s face. A look of surprise and happiness spread over the girl’s face. “You hearing them talk without mouths moving!” she launched herself into Sidhiel, arms wrapped around her neck. “You different like me!”

Sidhiel laughed awkwardly and patted the girl’s head, giving Kai a helpless smile. Her sister simply sat back and laughed, watching the scene play out with a coy grin on her face. “Indeed I can…listen, little one, I know you do not want to give Henry up, but we need – “

“No, you can’t haves him! He’s my bestest friend and you won’t take him away!” she curled up in her corner again, shaking her head violently. “I taking him home, to Arn.”

Sidhiel heaved a sigh and looked at Kai, eyebrow raised as Kai snapped her fingers and leaned over to whisper something in her ear. Sidhiel nodded slightly at first, then a slight smile spread across her face and she gave Kai a thumbs up. “So you go where Henry goes, right?” the girl nodded resolutely. “Well, we was plannin’ on goin’ to Arn at some point, but we need Henry’s help too…maybe we could come with you?” the child frowned, confused. “I mean, we won’t be goin’ for a while, probably a few months or more…but you could stay with one of us.”

“You wouldn’t take Henry away while I sleeping, would you?” a tiny smile spread across the girl’s face as the sisters shook their heads. “You mean…I coulds go home with you? I can haves food and a bed and…and shoes? Can I haves shoes too?”

“Of course. We would have to find a pair that fit you, but you could have shoes.” The girl looked around nervously, then at the crystal, at her stuffed animal, and finally back to the sisters.

“Are people where you come from nice? I only know mean people.”

“They’re some o’ th’ kindest people I know! Plus, Sid here is a guard captain…if anyone is mean t’ ya, she can just beat ‘em up!” the girl looked at Sid, then back at Kai, nodding. “So, whaddaya say…uh…what’s your name?”

“Everyone calls me ‘Ugly’.” The girl said with a smile, though it soon disappeared when she saw the horrified looks on the faces of her friends. “Not a good name?”

“Not at all, no. You need a better name, little one…’ugly’ is a very mean thing to be called. I believe…I can think one up for you, if you give me some time.” Sidhiel and Kai stood, the latter offering the girl a hand. “Would you like to come back to the Dawnlands with us, little one?” The child jumped up and threw her arms around Kai’s waist, laughing. “I suppose that is a yes, then. Come Kai, we can get a room at the tavern and set out tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a plan, sis…hey little one, I’ve got a name for you. Whaddaya think of ‘Tanna’?” the girl frowned for a moment before a grin spread across her face and she hugged Kai again. “Guess she likes it. Le’s go, sis. To th’ tavern!”


"Oi, git up." ordered an annoyed female voice, as Sidhiel felt a boot prod her side gently. She groaned and rolled over, mumbling as she felt a tree root jab her in the shoulder. "C'mon sis, git up. Ed's probably pullin' 'is hair out, an' I wouldn't be surprised if I came back t' find my tavern on fire." Kai prodded Sidhiel's side again and the elf finally opened her eyes, glaring at Kai with a glare that could curdle milk. "Don' gimme that look. It was yer idea t' come out here in th' first place. Heck, even Tanna’s up before ya!”

"Are you going to continue lecturing me or may I eat my breakfast in peace?" Sidhiel replied in a quiet yet annoyed tone. Kai grumbled and served her sister a plate of toast and bacon, tossing a few apples to Mikael and Zali who munched on them happily. "How was your sleep, little one?” Tanna looked up and grinned brightly at Sidhiel before returning her gaze to a beetle crawling across the ground. “We should be in the Dawnlands by this evening, so you may have a chance to meet all of our friends.”

“They’s your nice friends, right? I can’t wait, I likes nice people. You’re nice people.” Tanna tackled Sidhiel abruptly, jarring the plate and sending the last bite of toast flying. When she realized what she had done, her eyes darted wildly between Kai and Sidhiel as she cowered away. “Sorry, don’t mean to hitted your plate.”

“It is all right, little one. I was ready to leave anyways.” she smiled and stood, patting her draft on the nose gently. “You can ride with me, little one, at the front of the saddle.”

“Can I ride with Kai? I rode with you yesterday.”

“Course ya can! Aaaand…up ya go.” Kai climbed onto Zali’s back and ruffled Tanna’s hair, adjusting the reigns before easing her horse into a walk. The thumps of Mikael’s hooves against the ground indicated that they were finally on their way home to the Dawnlands. “So Sid, got any plans fer after we unlock Arn an’ it’s secrets?”

“Hmm…probably continue my guard work, do some more dungeon delving…maybe I will do some travelling…” a confused look spread across her face when she noticed Kai’s annoyed frown. “Did you have better plans for me?”

"Well no, but...come on, don't'cha wanna settle done or somethin'? You could invite Rissien to th' Dawnlands, start somethin' with 'im-"

Sidhiel laughed and patted Mikael's neck. "I suppose I have to start keeping you updated on our letters. Rissien has been in a relationship with a woman named Liana for nearly five years now, sis."

"Wait, so you and him...?" Kai looked at Sidhiel with a shocked look on her face as her sister smiled and shook her head.

"Rissien and I are brother and sister in every way except in blood. There has never been anything more between us." Sidhiel smirked as Kai frowned. "Kai, I have nothing planned for what happens after the Overlich is destroyed, so I must keep myself busy with such things as exploring old ruins and keeping up with...other missions." The draft's massive hooves suddenly sank into the mud and he threw up his head, whinnying softly. “Hush, Mik, hush. Kai, in answer to your question, I do not plan on settling down anytime soon. There are too many things to do and see in this world."

"Well yeah, but you've gotta sometime, right?"

"Do you plan on it ever again?" Sidhiel's face softened as Kai looked down, running her fingers through Zali's mane. Sidhiel laughed softly and adjusted her right sleeve, still staring ahead. "I suppose recovery is something we both have to work on."

"Sidney, you've had four years to recover, and he wasn't even a fiancee. I've only had a few months...and..." she trailed off. "I still haven't told Ruckus."

“Who’s Ruckus? Why’s you not tell him something?” Asked Tanna, looking up at Kai before turning her gaze to Sid. “What’s ‘settle down’ mean?”

“Uhh…” Kai stared blankly into the trees. “Sometimes, when two people love each other and they want to be together forever, they get married. Stephen was…someone I was going to marry, and he died.” Kai gave Tanna a slight smile and patted her head as the girl’s saddened countenance changed into a happier one. “To ‘settle down’ means ya wanna spend yer life with someone, get married, have kids, live somewhere safe…that kinda thing.”

“You doesn’t wanna do that, Sidney?”

“Not really, I have no reason to, currently.” Sidhiel replied, shaking her head. “Kai, you should tell him…he deserves to know, even if it does hurt him. He loves you Kai, deeply, and I believe he would understand."

"But I can't reciprocate what he feels towards me! Not yet, that is...I love him, but not like that. Not yet.” They fell silent for the rest of the trip, though occasionally the girl would point out a butterfly or a flower near the path, grinning giddily. Morning turned to afternoon, and afternoon to evening as the sky turned grey and the temperature cold. A blast of freezing wind whipped through the travelers’ clothing and they shuddered, staring at each other in confusion. “Weird weather fer th’ Dawnlands…”

“Agreed maybe – ” Sidhiel stopped, staring at the sky as thunder cracked overhead and rain began to pour down. “Ahm…odd.”

“Is th’ rain always so salty here, Kai?” Tanna asked plaintively, confused.

“Never, little one. Come on, Sid, I’ve a bad feeling about this…somethin’s not right."

"Agreed. Come on, we can check in with Ed in Hearthfire and see if he has any news." Sidhiel searched through Mikael's saddle pack and handed Kai a rain coat, watching as she wrapped it around herself and Tanna. She pulled the hood up on hers and urged Mikael forward, his hooves sinking deeply into the mud.

"Damn, it's cold...come on, we should get back soon. Let’s go.” Zali suddenly took off at a fast pace, and soon Mikael’s thundering hoofbeats could be heard behind them as the lights of Hearthfire came into view.

Author's Note: Yep, part 2 is done. You guys won't hear much more about this until after the Overlich's defeat, that sorta stuff. Also, Tanna is currently staying at Sid's house...if it's ok-ed by Fae, you MAY see her around. Or at least, she'll be mentioned. She may even end up at the NC tavern in a little while. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed it!

Also, a little side-note...each one of my characters' names mean something. For Tanna, it means 'sign'...since she'll play kind of an integral part in the upcoming winter story. Plus, she's a sign of things to come...

Man you have no idea how excited I am for that. Seriously.

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The Cuff

Post by AJ.Wisteria on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:54 am

The Cuff

– 10 years ago –

Rissien lay awake in his bed, tossing and turning. It was early in the evening, and though he wasn’t tired, his parents – or rather, parent – had forced him into bed.

“It’s so you can get a good night’s sleep before the trip!” his father bellowed at him, pointing forcefully towards his bedroom. “Now shut up and go to sleep!” Rissien shut his eyes tightly and tried to think happy thoughts, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t. His mind kept going back to that dreadful night a year ago…the night that had changed everything for his family…for him.


“GET OUT!” roared a man’s voice from down the hall. Rissien cowered in the doorway, peeking out from behind the frame at the shadowed yet familiar figures near the front door.

“Navar, calm down – “

“Don’t tell me what or what not to do! Now go upstairs!” the female who had spoken retreated a few steps back, but refused to leave. “Now you…get out.”


“You have brought disgrace upon this entire household! You – “

“You never even gave him a chance!”

“You think someone like him deserves a chance?! They’ll rob you blind! They’ll – “

“He’s an honest man, and an honorable one, and I love him!”

“And yet he did this to you!” growled the short portly man angrily, gesturing wildly to her slightly ballooned stomach. “Get out of my sight. This is no longer your home.”


“I am not your father. Not anymore. Get out.” there was a choked sob as the door abruptly opened and slammed shut. “Get upstairs.” The man said to the tall woman next to him. Rissien knew his father’s word was final, and he sobbed, retreating back into his room and towards the open window.

“Riss? Hey! Riss!!” whispered a voice from outside. He poked his head out and caught sight of Sidhiel outside the window. A white-colored circle appeared on the ground next to her and he materialized at her side, barely able to keep a calm face. “What happened, I heard yelli – “ she was cut off as he hugged her tightly, sobbing into her shoulder.

“Father made Mar leave…he disowned her, he…he…” Rissien’s shoulders shook with sobs. “I didn’t get to say goodbye…”

“Oh Riss…” she hugged him tightly and he buried his face deeper into her shoulder, his entire body shaking. He could feel her head twisting around, searching for any signs of his sister, but he knew it was all for naught. Mariel was gone…just gone. “Riss. Hey! Look!” he blinked through his tears and caught sight of the dejected-looking female form standing under a streetlamp. She was far away, but before he could say a word Sidhiel had grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her as she ran.

As they sprinted towards the female form, they realized she wasn’t alone – a figure nearly as tall and lanky as she was stepped out of the shadows and stood at her side, holding her in a warm embrace. The two children ducked into the shadows about fifteen feet away, holding their breaths as they watched the exchange take place. Suddenly the skinny figure – a man, they could tell – jerked his head up and stared at the children, his eyes blazing copper in the moonlight. “Someone’s here.” they heard him say as he pushed the woman – recognizable as Mariel – behind him.

“What do we do?” asked Rissien, wiping away a tear.

“We speak to him.” Sidhiel replied, grasping his hand tightly. “Come on, we can do this.” She gently led him out into the light, and the two of them cowered before the tall man. His hard gaze softened as he looked at the children, offering them a loaf of bread from his satchel.

“Gods, Rissien? Is that – and Ellie?!” Mariel knelt down in front of the children and wrapped them up in a hug. “I’m so sorry…”

“They wouldn’t let me say goodbye.” Rissien said, sobbing softly. He felt Sidhiel pull away but he didn’t care – he was just happy to see his sister again.

“I am so sorry…shh it is allright, I will be fine…”

“B-but where will you go?”

“We have a home in a city far away from here.” Mariel replied, reaching up to grasp the man’s hand. “Emmy will take good care of us, Rissien, I promise.”


“You are going to be an uncle, little brother.” She replied softly. “And I hope you will get to meet our child someday.”

The tall man nodded and gave the children a reassuring smile – for some reason, it put both of them at ease. He knelt down next to them and offered Sidhiel the same loaf of bread he had removed from his satchel. His long crimson hair was pulled back in a braid, a few unkempt locks framing his grey-blue-skinned face, almost blending in with his crimson-copper eyes. Tribal tattoos ran down from his left cheekbone and across his neck, ending on the back of his left hand.

“Marie, we should go soon.” Said the man softly, squeezing her hand. She nodded sadly and enveloped her brother in another hug, this time forcing Sidhiel into it as well.

“I love you both so much…” she whispered, planting a gentle kiss on their foreheads, tears streaking her pale face. Gently, she grasped Rissien’s hand and placed a small box in it, smiling at him softly before wrapping them up in another hug. “These are for you, Rissien. It is all I can give for a parting gift.”

Sidhiel didn’t cry that night – she rarely cried – but Rissien did. She held his hand as he sobbed and watched his sister leave, and sat by his side in his room as he sobbed uncontrollably over the loss of the only other person he had ever truly trusted. She held his hand, cradled his head in her shoulder as he mourned the leaving of his sister. Maybe things would go back to normal, he thought, maybe they would be the same as before.

But everything changed that night.


Rissien sat up and stared out the window, eyeing the last wagon carrying what was left of their house’s belongings, the moonlight casting eerie shadows through the wheel spokes. He sighed heavily and rubbed his eyes, biting his lip. The loss of their sister had taken a toll on his mother, and after a half-year long battle of wills, she succumbed to her grief. The ceremony had been simple, beautiful but simple, just like his mother had wanted – no. He wouldn’t think about that. He had other things to think of.

He slipped out of bed and walked across the room towards where his desk used to be, the floor cold on his bare feet. In the corner stood a solitary chair, and draped over it was a very well-made, stately tweed coat, grey in color, something his father had picked out for him at the tailor’s shop. Rissien sighed and reached a hand into the pocket, pulling out the small wooden box his sister had given him. The wood felt cold on his fingers, and he trailed his hand across the clasp on the front, flipping it open to reveal the two sapphires that sat within.

He needed her to know that she was never alone, no matter how far away he was., that she would always be in his heart, and she never needed to be afraid. He needed something to give her, something special, not just another gift. He shoved the box back in his coat pocket and felt his fingers connect with something metallic. A few silver coins – larger than most – sat in the pocket next to the box, and in an instant he realized what he had to do. The forge wouldn’t be open, the forgemaster went home earlier that evening. “I’ll just have to port in.” he said to no one in particular as he opened the window, clicking his fingers as he reappeared in the yard below.

It took him only minutes to get to the forge, and he quietly slipped in past the guards, porting over the wall at the back of the building. He cast a muffle spell over the area and set to work, melting his coins down until they were little more than silvery water floating about in a metal bowl.

Hours passed, and it wasn’t until he heard the ovens in the nearby bakery start that he realized just how much time had passed…but he was done. He was finally done. Rissien picked up his presents and started back home with them, doing his best not to alert the guards or his parents to his evening escapade.

Morning came too early. Rissien had barely gotten any sleep on account of his late-night adventure, but he didn’t care. It had been worth it…he hoped. He knew she never wore jewelry, but he didn’t care. He picked up his coat and his last few bags, hauling them downstairs and to the carriage that awaited them.

“Get in.” his father ordered sternly as Rissien watched the shadows.

“I’m waiting for someone, just gimme a sec! Please!”

“I said get. In!” his father grabbed him by his coat collar and shoved him inside the carriage, shutting the door behind him. Rissien panicked, his eyes wide as he stared out the windows, looking everywhere for the girl he considered his sister. There, a flash of blue in the alleyway – it was her. She stood near a fish seller’s stand, watching with sorrowful eyes as the carriage lurched past. He clenched the wooden box tightly in his hand, gritting his teeth. As he realized what he needed to do. With one swift movement he flung the door open and jumped out, rolling painfully across the cobblestones.

He blacked out for a moment, then stood up, wobbling awkwardly before he felt himself falling again…but he never hit the pavement.


Sidhiel had managed to catch her brother before his head hit the cobblestones again. She steadied him as best she could, checking him over for concussions, bruises, scrapes, or whatever other injuries he could’ve sustained during the carriage fall. He waved her hands away and folded them over an ornately carved wooden box. Mixed looks of shock, confusion, and sorrow passed over her face as she stared at him, trying to respond.

“But wh – “ Rissien took her face in his hands and set his forehead against hers, his face contorted, fighting back tears.

“No matter where I go, I will always be with you, Ellie.” He whispered, unable to keep a straight face any longer. “You are never alone.”

Before she could respond a gruff voice boomed above her. “It’s high time we’re off. Come on, son. Let’s go.” Sidhiel tried to fall forward, tried to fall into his arms for once last hug before they parted, but he was gone. She stumbled forward into nothingness, her arms squeezing nothing but air. Her eyes followed the carriage as it passed through the town and out of sight, one hand outstretched as if trying to summon it back. She stood like that for a long while until one of the fishermen shooed her out of the way of an oncoming horseman and back into an alley.

Sidhiel stood there in the darkness for quite a while, still reeling from the fact that her brother – the only person she had ever trusted…had ever loved – was gone from her life. She held the box in her hands, tracing the carved design on top with a finger before she flicked the lid open and viewed its contents.

It was a simple gift, a silver ear cuff with a chain and a small sapphire hanging off of the end of it. The cuff itself was carved with beautiful floral designs that caught the light just right, seeming to shimmer with a thousand colors. She trailed her finger across its surface, smiling softly.

Then it happened.

Suddenly waves of sorrow hit her like a sack of bricks and she fell to her knees, cradling the cuff in her hands as she hunched over, arms pulled in to her body. She bit her lip as the ache from her kneecaps hitting the cobblestone radiated through her legs, but she didn’t care. She had nothing from him…the handkerchief had long since been lost, she had no photographs or sketchings of him to remember his face by, only memories…and the tiny cuff that sat in her palm.

She closed her fingers around it and put her fist to her forehead as she fell to her side, curling up into fetal position on the cold cobblestone. She fought back the waves, doing her best to keep calm, but it didn’t work. Sidhiel finally gave in. Her face crumpled, her body shook uncontrollably…and she did something she hadn’t done for a long, long time…something she wouldn’t do for a long time afterwards.

She cried.

Author's Note: Sad thing is, Mariel never got a chance to visit Rissien. He moved to Kalvan a year after she left, and no matter how hard she looked, no one could tell her where he had gone...

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